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Financial Services


Financial Records Manangement Services from BMIFederal and state regulations continue to become more complex in the financial services industry. Keeping track of all the documents: a prospectus, an application, personal records or other client information continues to create challenges for financial service organizations—not to mention the normal, everyday challenges of processing mortgages, home equity and other types of loans.


Streamline your customer compliance activities with a structured document management solution from BMI. A document management solution allows you to keep track of both electronic and paper records required by federal and state agencies allowing you to streamline your compliance activities. You can quickly and effectively highlight missing documents and take steps to gather them quickly. An electronic audit trail can tell you who has seen what document and provides accountability across the organization.


A document management solution allows you to both organize documents (i.e. a will, an application, an email, or tax records) and make them available when and where you need them. You can also eliminate the time and expense of searching for paper records. An electronic solution allows you to focus on what is more important: helping clients with their financial stability.


Finally, BMI gives you deployment choices. Whether you use our document conversion capabilities, cloud document management solutions or deploy it in house, we can deliver a solution that meets your technology, data connectivity or budget needs.


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