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Formatta Electronic Forms


Fill the Information Gap™


Formatta Electronic Forms Workflow from BMIFormatta quickly and affordably extends the reach of applications to all users so organizations have the information they need to operate efficiently and effectively. More than just an electronic version of a paper form, Formatta quickly captures, verifies, and moves data where it's needed most—the critical applications you use to run your organization.



With Formatta, any authorized user can easily create and publish data capture screens—no programming skills are required. Screens can look exactly like paper-based forms or any other familiar user interface to speed adoption and ensure data is captured quickly and accurately. Designers can easily add formulas, field validation, and more to ensure data is captured accurately and completely.



Formatta enables end users to enter, save, and submit information to support any data collection requirement. Licenses are freely distributable ensuring all users, citizens, employees, and constituents have access to easy electronic data capture.



Formatta provides simple-to-design and simple-to-use routings to ensure data is reviewed and approved before it is moved into enterprise applications. Routings can be based on process logic, form data, and signatures. Routing capabilities can be implemented in hours and routings can be created in minutes rather than the days and months it usually takes to implement complex workflow systems.



The Formatta solution enables easy and secure integration between Formatta and applications such as HR, finance, customer service, administration, custom applications, and many more. Formatta integration is based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) standards (e.g., SOAP) so data can be made available via web services. Data can also be moved to and from applications using standard SQL statements. [Learn more]


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