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Invoice Processing


Invoice Processing Services from BMIManaging invoices can be a very manual process, having a variety of direct and indirect costs. Connecting all of the information may mean moving documents between multiple locations waiting on an approval from someone who is out of the office, or waiting to hear back from an over-worked purchasing agent to update a record. Technology can help you gain process control and reduce your costs.


Automating the invoicing process can yield significant benefits. You can take advantage of early pay discounts. Your staff becomes more efficient as there is an electronic exception handling process. You eliminate daily meetings to resolve outlying invoices. Finally, you eliminate shipping, storing and printing invoices at different locations, directly impacting your bottom line.


Let BMI help you streamline invoice processing activities. Whether we handle scanning and indexing the documents for you, or deploy the technology to do it yourself like Digitech PaperVision Capture, we are your partners in reducing these costs. We have extensive experience in the complete range of invoice processing options. Our conversion centers scan and index thousands of documents per day with the latest and greatest technologies, allowing you to take advantage of them without the capital outlay.


If you want to deploy these technologies yourself, we can help you. With a full range of scanning and software solutions, we can deploy the right technologies to simplify these processes, cutting costs and making the exception handling process more accountable.


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