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Kodak Info Insight


Kodak Info Insight Platform

The Kodak Info Insight Platform is a comprehensive suite of solutions that enables a broad range of businesses to automate processes and address input capture, analysis, understanding, and enrichment of key information. The platform provides intelligent understanding and management of incoming documents and customer communications, regardless of format and structure.


In addition to reducing processing costs, the Info Insight Platform also helps increase customer satisfaction by improving customer service. As a result, organizations can make better decisions faster – and free up valuable time to seek new business opportunities.


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Applications to Solve Today's Business Challenges

Kodak Info Insight Platform includes information management solutions that provide benefits for businesses in many vertical markets that are seeking to improve the way they manage enterprise content as part of business transactions. The platform is also comprised of solutions targeting organizations with a need to streamline and optimize their interactions with end customers. Info Insight Platform’s breakthrough design allows businesses to establish solutions that connect all customer-facing interactions with relevant business content.


Typical applications in the information management space include: mailroom processing, invoice processing, claims processing, mortgage processing, expense reports, account registration, order processing, case management, HR onboarding, and regulatory approval processes.


Info Insight Platform applications in customer experience management include: customer response management, knowledge management, interactive chat and customer self service.


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Enterprise Content
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Customer Experience
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