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Legal Document Management Services from BMIYour legal department can be overwhelmed with document requests. No matter if you are creating a contract from scratch or staying ahead of contract renewals, keeping track of these essential business documents presents a challenge for both small and large organizations. Not having an effective means to track this represents significant risk to your ongoing business.


BMI can provide an electronic contract management solution. We have the staff and experience to deploy a solution for you or you can outsource it to us.


Upon executing a contract, it is scanned into the repository providing a single location for the final document. With proactive notifications, you can be alerted in advance of any contract renewal dates, eliminating any last minute negotiations to continue doing business. Once in a repository, the documents become secure, allowing only the appropriate people to see the documents. Reduce the risk of natural disaster or catastrophic system failure with an electronic solution.


Finally, you can streamline the approval process using structured workflow to coordinate any approvals necessary to the contract. BMI can provide a structured means to manage your contracts.


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