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Microfilm and Microfiche


Microfilm and Microfiche Conversion Services from BMIMicrofilm and Microfiche have been around a long time. As one of the first methods for converting paper documents into a long-term storage solution, the information stored on these media represent old transactions and records that are cumbersome to pull data from on a timely basis. Real-time access to this archival information is possible by converting microfilm and microfiche into digital images—a specialty of BMI.


Converting microfilm and microfiche into digital images requires a unique blend of equipment, skill and patience. The media can be old and fragile involving special handling when performing the conversion. In addition, the equipment is highly specialized and not necessarily readily available in the market.


BMI possesses the equipment, experience and expertise to handle the most difficult microfilm and microfiche conversions. We understand how to handle the media so that it is not damaged during the conversion process. We possess the equipment to handle the conversion and can create images that import into popular ECM applications. Our extensive quality assurance processes assure that your records are converted and made into high quality images. Our experienced staff allows you to convert these media without having to hire a staff of your own to complete these projects. Finally, we have the software to enable you to store and retrieve the images once they are created. In short, we are a one stop shop for all your microfilm and microfiche conversion needs.


Let us provide you with a quote to convert you legacy microfilm and microfiche files into digital images.


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